Hiking to Seven Ladders Canyon in Brasov county

Located near to Brasov, Seven ladders Canyon is one of the best places to see if you are looking for adrenaline, beautiful landscapes, and fresh air! It is a wild nature, the impressive cliffs, the mini waterfalls, the breathtaking experience when you climb each one of the 7 ladders that makes this place unique and astonishing.

I have never been an adventurous person and I hate the ladders, especially the steep ones (as I am afraid of heights) but I loved Seven Ladders Canyon. Once finished the route, I felt that I have pushed my boundaries and I was so proud of that.

Even the most adventurous ones will not remain indifferent, this place has something to offer for everyone. The highest ladder has up to 15 m! Not to mention that the mini waterfall is splashing away water drops so the climbing part becomes even more difficult.


So let`s start at the beginning…

How to get there

Seven Ladders Canyon is localized in Dambu Morii region (near Brasov). From Dambu Morii, you will walk for 45 minutes to get to the canyon. The road to the canyon is spectacular so prepare your feet and your camera 🙂

There are 2 options to get to Dambu Morii:

1. Take the train to Timisu de Jos and then walk along the street 20 minutes until Dambu Morii (no sidewalk so pretty dangerous).

Tips! You should take the train from Basarab station. Also, the timetable from the internet is not accurate as it is mentioned that the train departs at 07:44 but actually, it departs sooner. We went to Basarab station at 7:30 and the train had been left for a while.

2. Take the train to Brasov and then the bus 17B until Dambu Morii.

For me, this is the best option. Once in Brasov, you will take the bus from the bus station located in front of the train station. The bus departs at an interval of 1 hour (always check the timetable as it may vary). The bus will stop at Dambu Morii so no need to do extra effort to get there. There is a bus station so check also the timetable for return. You can take also a maxi taxi or other buses but the ticket is more expensive.

Short description

Dambu Morii is a small picturesque village that has some pensions and a lot of hiking offers. The best one is the road to Canyon, of course. The Canyon is located in the west side of Piatra Mare Mountain and it is a gorge formed in limestone that forms mini waterfalls in patches. The name “seven ladders” refers to the 7 ladders that one should climb in the canyon.

The road is spectacular, you walk through the forest and there is so quiet and relaxing that you want to stay there forever. You can hear the water droop and see the clear water of Sipoaia river along the way.

For the most adventurous ones, there are lots of zip-lines (up to 2 km of zip-line) so you can enjoy the landscape from the above. The price is 50 RON/adult and 20 RON/child. Near to the place where the zip-line starts, there is a small clearing with banks and tables.



After 45 minutes leisurely walk, you will arrive at the canyon. The price is 10 RON/adult and 5/child (may vary for groups). The views are incredible so do not rush, but admire the incredible views!

The ladders are steep but sure (they are made of steel). However, it is recommended to be equipped for hiking as due to humidity, the stairs may become slippery. There are also gangways and banisters that will help you to be safe. With each ladder climbed, you will feel the adrenaline and the heart beating faster. The third ladder is the highest one (up to 15 m) – don`t stop and don`t look down (as you will maybe have a heart attack) the waterfall that is splashing away water drops will make the climbing more challenging, but you`ll see that once climbed this one it will be like the canyon route ended -you`ll be fearless 🙂

 P6030298 (2).JPG

The landscape that you discover with each ladder is astonishing, take the time to admire it as it definitely worth it. And don`t panic! The return road is not the same: it is a normal road through the forest. Also, you have the option to continue hiking up to Piatra Mare peak (I haven`t been there but it is in my plain to come back and get there).

Tips! In the canyon region, there is always high humidity so make sure you have at least a sweater with you.

seven ladders canyon.JPG

In the area, there is no restaurant but only a food truck (they have also a hot dog, sandwiches, chicken breast, etc) but they will not show up if the weather is rainy. I was a bit shocked that there is no other shop (as usual, the people is coming with food, grills, etc). We were lucky to have found the food truck even on a rainy day.


Train – 60 RON/return with a private train
Bus to Dambu Morii – 4 RON/return
Accommodation – 120 RON/person/night with breakfast included


Other photos:

7 ladders.jpg


P6030258 (2).JPG


Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.


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