One day trip to Syracuse

Syracuse is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is an enchanted city, rich in historical places and buildings. This is why it was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. It is also the birthplace of Arhimede.

We went to Syracuse by train (Trenitalia – 7 euros/person one way). The conditions from the train were not great, the train was not equipped with air-conditioned, so consider to get to Syracuse by bus, the conditions are great and the prices are similar.

If you’re in Syracuse, you cannot miss:

Parco Archeologico della Neapolis – a superb historical heritage, very large, so you can spend some hours to visit in its entirety. You can visit:
  • Greek Theatre was built in V century B.C. and was restored by tyrant Hieron I during the third century. It was used for dramatic performances and even today there are hosted theatrical performances.

greek theatre syracuse.jpg

  • Latomia del Paraiso – old stone quarries in a beautiful shady garden. These stones were used as a material for the construction of the antique prisons


latomia dei paraiso syracuse.jpg

  • Orecchio di Dionisio – a beautiful cave denominated after tyrant Dyonisos I who is said to have it transformed in a prison for political dissidents

la orecchia di dionisio.jpg

  • Amfiteatro Romano – used for gladiators battles.

roman theatre syracuse.jpg

The fees are 10 euros / 5 euros (reduced for young under 25 years). You can find the tickets shop near souvenirs kiosks.

Ortigia Island where you will find Piazza Duomo, a triumph of Baroque style as well as Diana`s Fountain a very spectacular monument. Also, you can find there Apollo`s Temple (some historical ruins very beautiful). You can walk on the narrow streets, between spectacular historical buildings, stopping by a souvenir shop or enjoying the famous gelato.

duomo di syracuse
Other activities
You can enjoy Syracuse also from the boat. There are regular courses around the island.

Very curious is that Syracuse does not have a beach. If you are planning to stay in Syracuse, you should take this into account.

How to move in Syracuse

We walked only by foot. From the train station to Parco Neapolis are approximately 30 minutes (however the day was hot so it was pretty difficult)

Parco Neapolis – Ortigia Island approximately 30 minutes. From Parco Neapolis there are regular touristic buses to the town, however, we visited on a Sunday and waited long time but no bus appeared.

We enjoyed the day in Syracuse, Neapolis was like returning back in time while the center is very elegant and the Ionian sea is just a bonus to all the wonderful landscape.

ortigia island syracuse.jpg
Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.

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