Sibiu – The fascinating hidden eyes are watching you

Have you ever imagined that the houses could have eyes? And to look real… Well, they exist in Sibiu and are really hypnotizing! For the creepy ones, you will feel like in George Orwell`s novel (1984): being watched all the time!

Sibiu is a unique city due to its fascinating “eyes” located in the rooftops of the colored houses. On top of that, the city has some interesting towers, lots of colored passages, a precious Gothic Cathedral and…a Bridge of Lies…so interesting!

 Sibiu, Romania

I have decided to visit Sibiu in February and it was really nice. Sibiu is a beautiful town and it does not matter when you visit it. His unique charming houses with hidden eyes look amazing both covered by snow or shinning in the sun`s rays. It was founded in 1190 by Germans (therefore, his name Hermanstadt) and it was designated as European Capital of Culture in 2007.

During the 3 days city break, I have visited also Alba Iulia, the largest citadel in southeastern Europe. The location is easily accessible from Sibiu.

How to get there

It is 6 hours away from Bucharest traveling by train and 5 hours away traveling by bus. In the city you can move around on foot, there is no need to take the bus. The city center is only 10 minutes away from the bus/train station.

What you can visit in Sibiu

Just get lost on the streets, with no map and no worries. In this way, you will find its hidden germs and its beauty. Below you`ll find some shots of what it impressed me.

The beautiful passages combined with the mix of colors of the charming houses:

Sibiu, Romania
Sibiu, Romania
Sibiu, Romania
The Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary is a precious Gothic church, a symbol of Sibiu. It dates back in the 14 century. Its tower has a height up to 70 meters, which makes it the highest tower in Romania.
Sibiu, Romania
Do not miss “seeing Sibiu from above” – you can see it from 2 places: The Council Tower and Lutheran Cathedral. I have visited only the Council Tower and the experience was a bit “scary” due to its stairs. I have heard that the Lutheran Cathedral is even more “scary”.
Sibiu, Romania
Council Tower
It was built during 1224 and 1241 next to the building in which the city`s council was gathering, hence the name. The Council Tower had many roles starting with observation role, defense, temporary arrest, etc. The Council has 7 floors, on the first ones there are usually organized exhibitions: paintings, photos, etc On the sixth floor there is a Swiss old clock and on the seventh level, you can admire a wonderful view of Sibiu.
Sibiu, Romania
Getting there is a bit…scary. The stairs are narrow and in a circle and the effort counts. The entrance is only 2 RON!!!and the opening hours are 8:00-20:00.
The last stairs are more welcoming (wooden stairs) but a bit of effort is still required. The view from above is very spectacular. However, you should take the photos from the closed windows.
Big Square, Sibiu, Romania


Big Square:

Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu, Romania

Lutsch House – very picturesque

Sibiu, Romania

Picture from our window. We were surprised to wake up and see snow!

Sibiu, Romania

The Arquebusiers Tower:

Sibiu, Romania

The Potters Tower:

Sibiu, Romania

The Carpenters Tower:

Sibiu, Romania

House with Caryatids:

Sibiu, Romania

The Orthodox Cathedral with a beautiful dome:


The Bridge of Lies:


Sibiu by night:

Sibiu, Romania


Trip Costs:
Train: 120 RON/return/person
Accommodation: 344 RON (3 nights)/2 persons
Bus to Alba Iulia: 41 RON/ return/person
If you have the chance to visit it, don`t miss the opportunity! you will be amazed!
Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.

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