Wonderful places in Buzau County: Mud Volcanoes and Siriu Lake

Buzau…my beautiful county! Buzau county is still an unknown place for many of the Romanian people (of course, for strangers too) and it is a shame because it has unique phenomenons (Mud Volcanoes, The Living Fires), lovely landscapes (from endless plains to towering mountains, forests, hilly landscapes, beautiful lakes). Also, there are not so many tourists, so you can enjoy the time spent in the middle of the nature.

I was born in Buzau so I had the chance to visit part of its beautiful places during childhood. I have seen Mud Volcanoes 4 times and Siriu…don’t even remember 🙂

Being home for Christmas, I have decided to go on a one day trip in Buzau county in order to show to my boyfriend some beautiful places from Buzau (we’ve visited also the city but it was cold and the winter landscape was not the most spectacular one). We got there (surprise) by car, but I have included some alternatives without car below.

Mud Volcanoes

This geothermal phenomenon is very rare in the world and the landscape created is amazing.

Every time I come back there with enthusiasm and delight. Mud Volcanoes has its specific charm, I can`t decide what I like most: if the hilly landscape on the background, the desertic area with lots of slopes or the mini volcanoes that splashes away mud.

Mud Volcanoes, Buzau, Romania
How to get there

From Bucharest, you should take the train (Bucharest – Buzau) and then the bus (Buzau-Paclele).

Tips! You can travel by private trains, with lower prices than CFR (aprox. 42 RON/return ticket). Once arrived in Buzau, you should pick up one of the local buses/maxi taxi until the Unirii North Bus Station (2 RON/one way)

Very important is that the final destination is Paclele, a village near Mud Volcanoes. However, you can ask the bus driver to drive towards Mud Volcanoes.

There are only 3 buses from Buzau to Paclele per day (and viceversa). The bus connection is not very good as the first bus departs at 10:00 (arrival: 11:10) and the last bus from Paclele returns at 15:00. Moreover, on Sundays there is only one bus/day (departure from Buzau at 13:30/ departure from Paclele: 15:00).

Visiting costs:
– 4 RON/adult
– 2 RON/student
– 1 RON/child
Short Description
Mud Volcanoes are mini landforms created by the eruption of mud, gases and water. These types of volcanoes are formed due to natural gas that is coming from over 3000 meters deep, it crosses the soil and it gets combined with underground water. The gases are pushing away the water combined with soil. The volcanoes have a conical structure and are not very tall.
Mud Volcanoes, Buzau, Romania
Mud Volcanoes, Buzau, Romania

They are situated in a very beautiful area, hilly and very quiet, at 322 m altitude. The Mud Volcanoes is a protected reservation since 1924. Due to deforesting, there are many plots and hills that create an amazing landscape!

What is important to know is that there are 2 areas with Mud Volcanoes in Paclele region: The Big Mud Volcanoes and Little Mud Volcanoes. I have only visited the Big Mud Volcanoes so I cannot give my opinion on the second ones. However, I already have in mind to come back and visit also the Little Mud Volcanoes.

In the area, there is a rustic restaurant and a hostel (in case you wanna stay the night). However, one hour – maximum 2 hours will be enough to visit.

Best period to visit

Mud Volcanoes can be visited in each season, however I would recommend spring, early summer or autumn.

Tips! Always check the weather as you will not be able to visit the volcanoes on a rainy day. Also, even on sunny days, there is a lot of mud so you should take some shoes that can be cleaned easily.


Siriu lake

It is a very beautiful artificial lake on Buzau river. The landscape is just wonderful: clear water surrounded by forested hills. The wildness of the zone is just impressive – there is only one shop and some wooden benches allowing tourists to sit down and admiring the beauty while having a snack.

What I should notice with sorrow is that the touristic potential of the area is not exploited at all! Siriu is not s place to come for a weekend because there is nothing you can do (beside admire the lake for some minutes). I think that at least some boats were necessary and the area would be much more animated.

Siriu, Buzau, Romania
How to get there
The most convenient way is by car.
However, there are 2 buses that stop in Siriu but the connection is bad (the first one arrives at 9:05 and the return buses leave at 9:11 or 16:20). Of course, you can go hiking, fishing (if you like) and take the second bus.
Below a summer landscape from Siriu:
Siriu, Buzau, Romania
Winter landscape:
Other photos:
Mud Volcanoes, Buzau, Romania
Mud Volcanoes, Buzau, Romania
Mud Volcanoes, Buzau, Romania
Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.

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