Cordoba, relaxing walk in a beautiful city

Cordoba has its own charm. It`s full of colors, joy, cheerfulness! It`s the place that combines Moorish architecture with the Catholic elements, Roman ruins with very modern buildings, hidden empty streets with crowded squares. Its history is also interesting: founded by Romans in 169 BC, then conquered by Moorish and converted in the capital of Moorish Spain (a period in which Cordoba has reached its peak), it was conquered by Christians in 1236 who transformed all the existing mosque in Catholic churches (except for Mezquita).

Nowadays, it a very charming city full of blue flowerpots on whitewashed walls, with yards full of plants and flowers, with the famous Mezquita, an impressive mosque and Catholic Cathedral in the same time.

Cordoba, Spain
How to get there from Malaga
The fastest way to get there and the most comfortable one is by train. You have 2 options: their normal trains or AVE (high-speed train – like TGV).

I have chosen AVE!!! The cost was 70 Euros/person/return (expensive, I know) but it totally worth it. In 50 minutes, we were at our destination and the conditions were great (I have enjoyed a Spanish movie during the journey).

How to move in Cordoba

From the train station, there are approximately 20 minutes by foot until the city center. Due to the limited time that we had, we took a taxi that was 6 Euro. At the end of the day, we returned on foot, enjoying the walk and some rain showers.

What to see

First of all, Mezquita!
Mezquita is wow! It is the most wonderful and interesting building I`ve ever seen. Its white-red candy cane arches, its chapels, its architecture, everything is impressive and incredible!
Mezquita de Cordoba, Spain
Mezquita de Cordoba, Spain
Mezquita is a masterpiece mosque from the Moorish period, it is the only mosque remaining in medieval Spain and one of the largest in the world. It was saved due to its unique beauty. Its 824 arches in horseshoe form give the impression of infinity (part of Islamic faith). Mezquita was turned into a Catholic church after Reconquista. Seeing an imposing Catholic altar in the middle of a mosque…this is definitely unique!
Cordoba, Spain
altar catholic mezquita
Other photos from Mezquita:
mezquita cordoba.jpg
Treasure Room is a Baroque chapel in which it can be found the massive treasure. It is made of gold and silver and it has a weight of 122 kg.
treasure room mezquita cordoba
treasure room architecture mezquita.jpg

The entrance fee is 10 euro. I would recommend you to take also an audio guide in order to better understand what you`ll see. The audio guide is 4 euro. Take into consideration that the interior is not marked with numbers so you will have to find on your own the numbers shown in the audio guide.

Continue your journey with Calle de las Flores – it is absolutely lovely! On the left, on the right, there are plenty of flowerpots so you will feel like you need to stop a moment to admire all the beauty that is revealed.

Cordoba, Spain
Cordoba, Spain
Roman temple – right in the middle of the city, between modern buildings, you will find some precious ruins from a Roman temple. This is the hidden beauty of this city!
Cordoba, Spain
roman ruins cordoba (2).jpg
Calahorra Tower – you can enter and see Cordoba from above (for 6 euro)
torre de calahorra cordoba
Get lost on streets, between white buildings and orange trees:
Cordoba, Spain
Cordoba, Spain
Corredera Square – a lovely colorful square
Cordoba, Spain
Cordoba, Spain
Other photos
Cordoba, Spain
Cordoba, Spain
This is what I have seen in 5 hours spent in Cordoba. It is a very beautiful city, do not miss it if you are in Andalucía!
Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.

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