Stockholm – the Nordic adventure

Stockholm, this enchanted Nordic country, it was always on top on my wish list. Imagine yourself surrounded by charming medieval buildings, unique museums, quiet and civilized inhabitants and very green and picturesque streets. Well, this is the way I see Stockholm.

The city really fascinated me. It is so green (even the industrial areas are green!) – no wonder why in 2010 Stockholm was awarded as Europe’s first Green Capital, so quiet and civilized (the metro is empty at peak hours).

Also, Stockholm has a privileged localization as it is spread across 14 islands, surrounded by Lake Malaeren in the west side and Baltic sea in the east – which creates spectacular views on the city. this is why Stockholm was called „The Venice of the North”.

stockholm 6.jpg


Before starting my travel post, you might find useful to know that we have left Romania with 0 SEK! (indeed, I can confirm that you can pay everywhere with the credit card, even on public toilette!) We needed cash money only at a food kiosk and during a guided city tour.

You might find interesting that the Swedish ambitious target is to become the first cashless country in the world.

How to get from Airport to Stockholm

From Skavska

If you are flying with low-cost companies, you will land on small airports, localized far away from the city.

We landed at Skavka airport (approx. 100 km from Stockholm). From the airport, you can take a local bus or a private company, Flygbussarna (we have chosen this option and we were very content. In 80 minutes we arrived in Stockholm) The price is 139 SEK/one way.

What is interesting is that the bus departs 20-30 minutes after the flight arrives (if the flight has delays, the bus will wait for the flight!) Therefore, there is no actual timetable from Skavska to Stockholm, however, you will always be able to catch up the bus, so no worries:)
From Arlanda
If you are landing at Arlanda airport, you have more options to get to the city center – by train or private buses. The train journey takes up to 20 minutes and costs 280 SEK (one way) while the bus course takes up to 47 minutes and costs 99 SEK. We returned to Bucharest from Arlanda airport and took the bus.
The buses leave from T-Centralen at an interval of 10 minutes. The courses from Arlanda to Stockholm (both buses or trains) are non-stop.
Tips! The Arlanda airport has 4 terminals (2, 3, 4 and 5). Usually, the international flights operate from terminals 2 and 5.

Once in Stockholm, it is very important to buy a public transport pass (7 days -300 SEK). I am advising you this because one ticket costs 36 SEK (very expensive) and you will need the transport pass in order to visit the whole city. This transport pass will allow you to travel in different ways: train, bus, metro or ferry.

If you are interested in visiting museums, you can choose the Stockholm city pass that offers you free entrance at 80 museums + public transportation included. The card is for 1,2,3 or 5 days. The prices are a bit expensive, for example, for 5 days is 1050 SEK/106 euros.

Tips! On their public transport website: you will find everything you need on how to move in Stockholm (how to get from point A to point B) as well as the public transport`s timetable up to date.

Period and weather

We have visited Stockholm between 31st of June – 4th of July and it was a perfect period to visit it.

How does it sound having the sunrise at 3.30 AM and the sunset at 22 PM? For me, it was very surprising and really enjoyable. This is what to expect if you are traveling in the summer.

Also, the temperatures were fine (maximum 20 degrees, minimum 11). The sky was not very clear during our stay but we enjoyed the weather, much cooler and fresh than the heat from Romania.

Tips! Even if the maximum is 20 degrees, when there is no sun, it is cool so you should always have a jacket or a sweater with you.


If you do not want to spend all your money on food, you might find useful that in Stockholm there are food halls, for ex. Kungshallen – a food hall in which there are a lot of restaurants cheaper than other restaurants in the city, also there is a huge supermarket with lots of cheese types, fish, and meat.

Tips! The tap water is good for drinking! In the markets, you will not find natural water but only mineral one (pretty expensive 0,5 L – 12 SEK).

What to see in Stockholm

Start your journey with Gamla Stan – a very well-preserved medieval center, the main attraction in Stockholm. Gamla Stan dates back to the 12 century and it is like an open-air museum. You can admire the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, Nobel Museum and not only.

Tips! You can join the free walking tours organized daily. There are 3 tours: Old Town, City Tour, and Soder Tour. The tours are donation based. We have joined 2 city tours and we were very content (one tour takes up to 2 hours).

Royal Palace:
stockholm 5.jpg
Tips! There is a suspended high walkway (near Slussen metro) which offers spectacular views on City Center. There is also a restaurant if you want to eat in a fancy place with wonderful views.
stockholm 7.jpg
Djurgarden was the place that has most impressed me. Give it one day as it definitely worth it! You can get there by tram (from the center) or just have a walk as the distance is not too long.

stockholm 3.jpg

Almost the entire island is green but more than that, I have found there a spectacular „coffee shop” open air, located among the apple trees and lots of greenery. There are tables with banks so the people can have a relaxing snack in the middle of that charming landscape. There is also a greenhouse with lots of beautiful flowers and plants and also a boutique with home-made products such as honey, jam – everything for sale. It is almost unreal.

stockholm 4.jpg


Djurgarden is a well-known island as there you can find some of the most famous museums from Stockholm: Nordiska Museet, Vasamuseum, ABBA museum and Skansen an open-air museum really spectacular.

Also, only for adventurers! – Tivoli Grona Lund a very old amusement park – 120 SEk (entrance fee) for an enjoyable evening with lots of fun!

Tips! Near to Grona Lund there is the ferry`s station: if you have the public transportation card, you can get a ride for free until Slussen (near to Gamla Stan). The views from the ferry are spectacular!

City Hall

Stockholm city’s hall is a famous and representative building. Here is where the Nobel Prize banquets are held each year.
city hall stockholm.jpg
Drottningholm Palace it is considered a mini Versailles. It is the palace where the royal family resides. It is located on the Lovon island, one hour by ferry from City Hall. The view of the palace from the boat is absolutely stunning!
Drottningholm Palace stockholm.jpg

Tips! In front of City Hall, there is the tickets shop and the ferry station. a trip to Drottningholm by ferry is approx. 230 SEK (including the return) + 130 SEK if you want to visit the palace.

The visit to Drottningholm Palace is a must see, it is a wonderful Palace surrounded by breathtaking grounds. The gardens are in a perfect symmetry.

Drottningholm Palace stockholm 2.jpg
Drottningholm Palace Stockholm gardens.jpg
The subway
It is said that Stockholm’s subway is the world’s largest art gallery. And this is true! If you’re in Stockholm, you cannot miss it!
stockholm metro art.jpg

Some stations are sculpted and decorated with engravings, installations, etc, each one having its unique scenery. Also, in some stations, you can see the rocks in their rough form which creates an even more spectacular view!

The Kungsträdgården subway station is the one that impressed me the most by far. It is not only the unreal combination between green, red and white lines but also the archaeological dig with Roman columns and sculptures – remnants from Makalös Palace. It gives you the impression that you are visiting a museum – incredible view!

metro stockholm art.jpg
metro stockholm.jpg
stockholm metro 3.jpg
There is a huge globe that can offer you incredible views of Stockholm. You can get to the top by mini gondolas for 150 SEK, The trip takes up to 30 minutes and it will take you up to 130 m above sea level.
globen stockholm.jpg
We spent 5 beautiful days in this incredible city and they were not enough. I would like to come back one day to visit the rest of this enchanted city and to focus more on the museums.
If you are thinking about the next holiday, consider Stockholm. You will not regret!
stockholm 8.jpg
Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.

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