Weekend escape to Poiana Brasov. What to do in Poiana Brasov if you don’t have a car

I love the long summer days, full of good vibes, sun and spending time in nature.  Romania has a lot of beautiful places in which you can spend some time in nature and breathe fresh air, one of them is Poiana Brasov.

Last weekend, I was prepared to inaugurate the summer season with a relaxing hiking in the mountains. I have planned the trip, accommodation and everything… then, I saw the weather forecast: heavy showers in all the country! Say what? I was in doubt if I should risk and go or stay home.

I have decided to go to Poiana Brasov (at least it was closed to Brasov and we had more possibilities of having fun than in any other places).

Poiana Brasov is located in Brasov county, approximately 12 km away from Brasov. During winter it is one of the most popular ski resorts and during summer, it is well-known for its amazing landscapes, hiking opportunities, and relaxation.

How to get there from Bucharest

Take a private train until Brasov (the conditions are great and the prices cheaper)  – try Softrans (wi-fi included, online selection of seats, etc)

How to get to Poiana Brasov from Brasov train station

Take the bus number 4 until Livada Postei station and then, the bus 20.

Important! Keep in mind that the tickets to bus 20 can be bought only from Livada Postei or from the driver and it is more expensive than a normal ticket: 5 RON (the normal one is 2 RON). The normal tickets don’t work for bus 20.

The price is a bit expensive but you get your bonus: the panoramic view of Brasov from the bus window:

Optimized-LRM_EXPORT_20180707_232248-compressor (1)

What you can do in Poiana Brasov without a car

Poiana Brasov is really small and there are not many possibilities to have fun. It is more a place to visit for relaxing, hiking, admiring the wonderful landscape, the endless green forests and breathing fresh air.

Poiana Brasov

The view from my room (speechless):

Poiana Brasov

Postavarul Massif cannot be missed! The view from 1799 meters (and also from the cable car) is wow!

Poiana Brasov, Postavarul

Poiana Brasov

You can get there by cable car or hiking (I don’t know exactly how long it will take).

We took the cable car –  the cost was 35 RON/one person/return. What I didn’t like regarding the cable car is that it was very crowded, I felt like in the metro at peak hours. Besides that, it is ok, there is always a staff member inside, also they have a phone for emergencies (well, an old one)

Important! Only Kanzel cable car is working – opening hours are from 09:00 to 16:00!

Poiana Brasov, Postavarul

Once there, you will be rewarded with a stunning view!

Poiana Brasov, Postavrul

Poiana Brasov, Postavarul

Following the trail, you will find the last part of the road: the challenging rocks! Don’t underestimate this part, the rocks are very slippery! and it can be dangerous. It also involves a looot of effort.

Poiana Brasov, Postavarul

Poiana Brasov, Postavarul

All the road including the top is full of rocks.

The view from the top worth every single minute of effort:

Poiana Brasov, Postavarul

Poiana Brasov, Postavarul

Poiana Brasov, Postavarul

Then, we returned to Poiana Brasov and walked around. Not so many activities to do, at least not my type of activities (rent a bike, an ATV, karting, trampoline for children, shooting, horse riding).

In our way, we encountered this beautiful wooden church:

Poiana Brasov

A very fancy hotel and the lake:


A restaurant that impressed me (from outside as we did not eat there) was Sura Dacilor. The interesting part is that it has a pedestrian part until the restaurant’s entrance and in the left and right side there is some type of arrangements: vintage tables, cart’s wheel, even 2 nice old houses and a small fountain. It is so nice!


Another possibility that you have is to hike to Solomon’s Rocks (I have written a separate post on that). As the weather was cloudy, we preferred to admire the landscape from our balcony and to skip any hiking opportunity.

The next day, we woke up with rain and fog so we left pretty early Poiana Brasov.

Poiana Brasov

Other useful information:

  1. There are a lot of shops well-equipped. From the bus station, you can buy also tickets for bus 20.
  2.  There are some restaurants, the prices are a bit high but the food is decent.
  3. There is only one ATM next to Sura Dacilor but it has no surveillance camera (I wouldn’t trust it)

Trip costs:

Train: tickets: 60 RON/one person/return

Bus 20: 10 RON/return

Cable car: 35 RON/return

Accommodation: 230 RON/1night with breakfast included


Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.


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