2018. The detailed travel costs: flights, accommodations, transport, touristic activities

In this article, I want to share with you some useful information regarding prices, accommodations, transport, activities from this year’s destinations. Do you plan to visit these places in 2019?

March – Malaga, Seville and Cordoba


Flight: 208 RON/person/return (approx. 40 euros)

Accommodation: 802 RON/180 euros/2 persons/4 nights. The breakfast was not included (5 euros/person). The hotel was located very close to the city center: 8-10 minutes by foot, close to the train station -15 minutes by foot.

Weather: around 18 degrees Celsius, cloudy sky. The last day was windy and rainy.

Touristic activities:

  • Alcazaba + Gibralfaro -7,5 euros/1 person
  • Cathedral: 6 euros/1 persons (audioguide included)

Do I recommend Malaga? YES! I would come back there at any time if I had the chance!

Don’t miss out: Malaga from viewpoint Alcazaba and Gibralfaro



One day trip to Seville-  train: 20 euros/return/person

Weather: cloudy with storms

Las Setas ticket: 6 euros/person

Do I recommend Seville? Yes, but for at least 2-3 days, in order to be able to see all its beauties!

Don’t miss out: Plaza de Espana, a magnificent place

Seville, sevilla

One day trip to Cordoba – Train AVE: 140 euros!/return/2 persons

Weather: cloudy

Mezquita ticket: 20 euros/ 2 persons + audioguide: 8 euros/ person

Do I recommend Cordoba? Yes! One day should be enough as it is a pretty small city

Don’t miss out: Calleja de las Flores:


Mezquita de Cordoba, Spain

June – Bruxelles, Bruges, Ghent, Paris


Flight: 193 RON/person/return

Accommodation: 1440 RON/330 euros/2 persons/4 nights (all the accommodations are really expensive in Bruxelles…) with breakfast included. The city tax was 17 euros!!

Weather: around 20 degrees with cloudy sky

Do I recommend Bruxelles? No, I didn’t like it. The accommodation is very pricey!  One day trip should be enough to visit it.


One day trip to Bruges: 30 euros/person/return

Weather: sunny

Touristic activities: boat ride: 8 euros

Do I recommend Bruges? Totally yes! For me, Bruges is the most charming city I have seen so far! If you want to visit it, my recommendation is to find accommodation there and not in  Bruxelles.

Don’t miss out: the picturesque Almshouses and a boat tour!

Bruges, Brugge

Bruges, Brugge

One day trip to Ghent: 10 euros/person/return

Weather: sunny

Touristic activities:

  • Ticket at the castle: 10 euros
  • Boat tour: 7,5 euros/person
  • Ticket tram: 1,50 euros

Do I recommend Ghent? Yes, it is similar to Bruges but not that touristic.

Don’t miss out: the castle

Gravesteen, Ghent, Gent, Gand


2 day trip to Paris: train – 55 euros/person/return

Accommodation: 340 RON/€72.90/one night/ 2 persons without breakfast, close to metro station: Gare de Lyon.

Metro tickets: 15 euros/ 2 persons

Weather: heavy rains

Do I recommend Paris? It was not my type of city but I did not spend enough time there and the weather was awful. I would come back just to visit it all.

Don’t miss: out Sacre Coeur, it’s lovely!


September –Zakynthos, Kefalonia

Flight + Accommodation in Alikanas: 300 euros (bought in advance from a travel agency)

Weather: sunny, too hot, around 30 degrees

Touristic activities:

  • Island tour: 30 euros/person
  • Navaggio boat Tour: 25 euros/person
  • Bus to Zante capital: 3, 60 euros/person/return

Do I recommend Zakynthos? Yes, relaxing trip, wonderful scenery, warm water perfect for swimming, delicious food, kind people. I totally recommend Alikanas for accommodation, it is a very quiet and beautiful place.

Don’t miss out: Bochali hill from Zante and Navaggio viewpoint:

Bocchali, Zante, Zakynthos


One day trip to Kefalonia – 55 euros/person

Weather: hot, sunny

Melissani lake: 7 euros/person

Do I recommend it? Hell, yes! Kefalonia has a lot of stunning landscapes. Also, I love its unreal blue water. However, it is not a destination for having suntan due to the beaches full of rocks.

Don’t miss out: Melissani is a unique lake-cave structure, a must-see during a lifetime! + Myrtos beach viewpoint



December – Barcelona, Montserrat

Flight: 400 RON/90 euros/1 person/return

Accommodation: 571 RON/100 euro/5 nights/ 2 persons!!! with breakfast included, located very close to the city center (10-15 minutes by foot), near Paral-el metro station

Weather: perfect! 18 degrees and sunny

Touristic activities: 

  • Sagrada Familia: 24 euros/person (audioguide included)
  • Batllo House: 24 euros/person
  • Palau Guell: free of charge in the first Sunday of the month
  • Picasso Museum: free of charge in the first Sunday of the month
  • Guell Park: 7,50 euros/person
  • Bunkers del Carmel (best view) -free of charge

Do I recommend it? Totally yes!

Don’t miss out: Bunkers del Carmel for the best view of Barcelona



One day trip to Montserrat

Weather: sunny, around 14 degrees

  • Train + cremallera: 10,50 euros/person
  • Funicular: 13 euros/person

Do I recommend it? Yes, it is a stunning place!

Don’t miss out: taking the funicular up to 1236 m. The view is spectacular!



Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.



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