Top 5 panoramic views in Athens

One of the top activities that one can do in Athens is to admire it from the top. In Athens, there are seven hills and a lot of viewpoints, each one showing you a different side of this lovely city. I enjoyed a lot the panoramic views of it and in this article, you will find my top 5 views for an unforgettable trip:

1. Lycabettus hill – the best panoramic view

Lycabettus is the highest hill in Athens (277 m) and offers a full panorama of Athens (including Acropolis, the port and surroundings). It is located in Kolonaki district (30 minutes by foot from Syntagma area).

As you reach the base of the hill, you will need to climb a lot of stairs in order to get to cable car or to the main road that will get you there so be prepared for a bit of effort. Then, you have 2 options: the cable car and hiking. We took the cable car and all I can say is that it doesn’t worth the money! A ride is 7,50 euros for 5 minutes in which you will not see anything as the cable car run in a tunnel. Instead of this, you can leisurely walk to the top and admire the view!

Lycabettus, Athens



Lycabettus is popular among tourists during sunset time when the view is incredible. We have reached it also during sunset and we liked it a looot!



2. Acropolis Hill – history and spectacular views

The second best views from my point of view are the ones from Acropolis. For only 10 euro, you can admire the archaeological sites and the spectacular panorama of Athens.  Acropolis is the most popular place and for sure, every tourist includes it on the travel itinerary, so enjoy the visit there, don’t rush and take care if you are visiting it during summer months, as there are no shadows and you will be exposed to ultraviolet rays. We were visiting it in January and the weather was a bit cloudy but perfect for visiting.

Acropolis view, Athens

Acropolis view, Athens

Acropolis view, Athens


3. Philopappos Hill – nice walk, nice views

It is located near Acropolis and it is the third highest hill in Athens (147m). It is a large green park in which the local people spend their free time. It is not that touristy (yet) as people limit to Acropolis. While there, we see a lot of local people and it was pretty quiet. I liked it a lot as there is a lot of greenery, trees, and an easily accessible road to the top.

Philopappos is also a place full of history, you can find there monuments and ruins.


Philoppapus view, Athens

We went there on our last day in Athens and enjoyed the sunny weather – which was the perfect atmosphere for a beautiful walk. Philopappos hill can be an alternative during summer days as it has a lot of trees so one will not be that exposed. For us, 15 degrees C was just perfect!

Philoppapus view, Athens


You can admire the Piraeus port, the view of the port is better than Lycabettus one!


4. Aeropagus Hill

Just at the base of Acropolis, there is a small hill from where one can admire the beautiful panorama. The only disadvantage is that this hill is a bit rocky and this makes it slippery, so take care if you plan to go there. There is also an arranged side but usually, people walk outside of that area just to take some good shots.

The view is lovely, you will see a part of Acropolis in all its beauty and you will have a beautiful and closer view of Athens.

Aeropagus hill, Athens

Aeropagus hill, Athens


Aeropagus hill, Athens

5. Anafiotika district – the most picturesque district of Athens

Anafiotika was a highlight of our trip, for its spectacular houses and lovely views. One can admire the Lycabettus hill and its surroundings and of course, the Acropolis (but a limited view of it).


Anafiotika, Athens

Do you know other panoramic viewpoints? Share them with us in the comments!

Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.


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