Hiking to Mount Solaro in Anacapri. The complete guide to Mount Solaro

The hiking to mount Solaro should have been the highlight of my trip to Capri. I’ve prepared a lot by reading all the existing information (not too much though) and I got very excited about the trip. I got there on 10th of March, on a cloudy day. Just a side note, the chairlift did not work (even if on their website I saw that it should work all year long). I suspect that due to weather conditions (cloudy day), the chairlift may be opened or not.

But let’s return to the hiking part… On the internet, I read that the trail begins in Piazza della Pace and that the road is well marked and I was very surprised when in Piazza della Pace I did not see any indicator and during the trail, I found only 2 indicators. Luckily, we encountered a local who helped us a lot.

How to get to Mount Solaro from Anacapri

There are 2 trails:

Trail 1 – the first part of the road is pretty difficult (uphill climb) -you have to choose between road or stairs. It is shorter than trail 2 but more effort is required. I would recommend it for descending. Below the beginning of this trail (it is not marked!) In order to find it, search on Google maps – viale Cimitero.

Optimized-20190310_124841.jpgBelow a part of the road.Optimized-20190310_124436.jpg

Trail 2 has a more soft beginning of the road (from Piazza della Pace, turn on via Caposcuro, walk for some minutes and turn right on via Monte Solaro. At the beginning of the road, you will see one indicator) We started the trail there as advised by the local people. The road is not that easy! If you are not accustomed to hike (like me), it will be pretty difficult. This is how it looks the beginning of the trial:


The 2 trails will meet at some point (where is located the second indicator). The indicator shows the direction for Cetrella but it is applicable for mount Solaro also! After the first indicator, you will see also the chairlift so you will be sure that it is the right way.

All the road is an inclined slope, so don’t expect to get rest during the walk. We stopped a lot during the trail.


The most part of the road is paved but not in good condition so the first part of the road is not very welcoming. No views, no indicators, just a broken sidewalk, and an endless uphill.



Then the road will take you very close to the forest.



The second indicator – this is where the two trails meet. The trail starts to be more welcoming and the landscape more beautiful. The road is not paved anymore.




Also, the first panoramic views begin to show up. This is the part that I enjoyed a lot: quietness, greenery around me and lovely views.

Mount Solaro hiking



The day in which we climbed, there were few people around, the first ones we met at this point. The trail is lovely, just slow down and admire the surroundings.




Mount Solaro

The last indicator. As we approached more and more the top of the hill, we noticed that the clouds are very close to us (so I started to panic thinking that we climbed all this way in order to see nothing). My boyfriend was more optimistic, so I decided to continue and be positive.




In the forest, we encountered a meadow full of purple flowers – so lovely!



The last part of the road (10 minutes to go until the top). The road is full of stones – watch out if you don’t have special equipment. The road didn’t seem dangerous to me but take care – it would be a shame to get hurt when you are almost there!



The biggest disappointment of my life was when we got to the top. As it was a cloudy day, we couldn’t see anything as the clouds were lower than the top. I was so tired and sweat, and I couldn’t believe that I have hiked all that trail for nothing!

But well, it happens, if you don’t assess very well the weather. My advice for you would be: don’t hike up if the sky is not perfectly clear!  The only view that we had was a small corner of incredible blue water (maybe it’s a sign that we should come back). Optimized-20190310_115006

Other useful information:

  • The hike took us one hour (one way).
  • Take water with you as you will not find it on the way. On the top, there was one restaurant (closed). I guess that they open during high season.
  • It is a pretty exposed road so if you are planning to do it in the summer, take a lot of water with you and eventually, a hat.

Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.


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