About me

I am „Pal”, a 26 years old travel addict based in Bucharest, Romania. Pal Places is a pun between a part of my name and the meaning of pal in English: friend.

My biggest passions are: to travel the world, to write (I have graduated the Faculty of Letters), to read novels and to learn foreign languages.

I have discovered the passion for traveling in 2012 when I earned an Erasmus scholarship and I traveled to Spain. It was the first time I have left Romania. Until that moment, traveling was discovering new places and enjoying the nature`s beauties. After experiencing the Erasmus life, traveling in almost all of the Spain, I realized that traveling is not only visiting new places, but it is a feeling, it means to become part of that new culture. 

Pal Places is a travel blog based on storytelling. In my posts, you will find tips and tricks, experiences from each place, lots of stunning photos and the contagious need to travel! I also travel mainly by public transportation so follow me if you are interested in routes available without car.


Hope to keep in touch,