About me

I am „Pal”, a 27 years old travel addict based in Bucharest, Romania. Pal Places is a pun between a part of my name and the meaning of pal in English: friend.

My biggest passions are: to travel, to write (I graduated the Faculty of Letters), to read novels and to learn foreign languages (currently, trying to learn Greek…).

I travel only by public transportation and sometimes, I find difficult to get to some places as I depend on the bus/train timetable and the routes available. In some countries is very easy to travel by public transportation, in other not at all. This is why I started this blog: I wanted to share with you my experiences and to show everyone that traveling without a car is possible and really fun! All the routes presented by me are reachable by public transportation.

Besides pieces of advice regarding how to reach a place without a car, you will find here tips and tricks, experiences from each place, lots of stunning photos and the contagious need to travel!

If you want to contact me directly, my email is palplaces@gmail.com.


Hope to keep in touch,